Last week, I wrote a review for Jocko White Tea on  My wife and I got such a great kick out of it that I thought I’d share it here.

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Jocko White Tea

Here’s the review

On Thursday evening I heard a knock from the front. Excited, I jumped up from the couch to answer the door. On the doorstep laid a box from Amazon. I knew what was in there; I knew that my life was about to change. I returned to my seat in front of piles of work and laptop and proceeded to carefully open the box labeled Prime. In there, awaited a gloss black container of Jocko White Tea. A bald headed character on box approved. Cautiously, I handled the container like it was a magazine full of 5.56 NATO cartridges; opening it up to view its contents. 25 individually wrapped rounds awaiting to be seeped. Tomorrow, the enemy will be in for a treat.
The following morning I jumped out of bed; 0430 that is. I stumbled through the pitch dark bedroom headed towards the kitchen, warily dodging strategically placed IED’s consisting of pets, cat toys, and women’s shoes. Careful not to disturb my commanding officer, the wife I continued forward. Reaching my checkpoint I grabbed my ammo for the day, 1 pouch of Jocko White Tea and proceeded to brew the pomegranate flavored concoction.
The flavors came on strong but not over powering. Pomegranate? Affirmative! Lemongrass? Roger that. Interesting enough, as I enjoyed this morning tea a voice from above broke the pre-dawn silence. “GET AFTER IT” I heard in a stern Colonel Jessup like tone the words came clear…Jocko? I started to feel a change come over me. My face glowered as hair began to cover my arms. 20 minutes later the transformation was complete. I felt like a warrior, an animal, a psychopath armed with a broom, cell phone, and laptop. It was time to go to war. Forward towards the fire and into the fray I made way.
I proceeded with day’s mission at hand. Dishes, vacuuming, and laundry were all handled with ease. The litter box? Not a problem, my hairy sailors were now happy their head and deck were cleaned. Mission 1 complete. Mission 2 began as mission 1 ended. Emails, cold calls, follow ups, blog post, vlog post all ready to fill my day. As I sat there overwhelmed with the tasks at hand, another voice entered my mind. This time, the voice was quieter and hoarse like a Batman from Texas. “Relax, look around, and make a call.” “Roger that, Leif” I replied. Prioritize and execute. Mission 3 the WOD at night felt like a warmup. Deadlifts, muscle-ups, and burpees were child’s play. Mission 4 palm muting and right hand rhythm drills felt tight, my guitar tone sounded great. I couldn’t believe how fast I was playing. I had dominated the entire day.
If you’re looking to conquer your day this is a good place to start. In all seriousness the tea itself tastes great over ice and hot. I don’t really consider myself caffeine sensitive but I definitely felt it come on way harder than the other available brands. I was literally lit up like a Christmas tree for the entire day…but in a good way…not a crackhead way. Great product.
Thanks Jocko and Echo for the awesome podcast and products. Thanks Leif for writing the awesome book with Jocko. I still listen to it regularly and it’s helped me so much with my business and life in general. Looking forward to the muster!

You can buy Jocko White Tea going and clicking on the Amazon Button

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