Hope everyone had an awesome Easter!  Here’s whats coming up and whats been going on.


Earth Day Event In Torrance (Time To Recycle)

The City of Torrance is hosting an Earth Day Recycling Event on Saturday, April 29th, 2017 8 AM to noon at the Toyota Employee Parking lot in Torrance CA.  Here, you’ll be able to drop off all of your e-waste, get your paper shredded and get rid of all of those old appliance for free.

This is a great event that I highly recommend!

Walser’s Art Supply & Digital Printing (http://walsers.com/)

Speaking of E-Waste recycling, if you can’t make the event and you around in or around Torrance, CA I absolutely recommend you take your E-Waste to Walser’s Art Supply.  You can drop off all your E-Waste to this family owned small business.  Jack and Janey Walser have been serving the Torrance business community for many many years and are well known for their community service and involvement with our city.  Most importantly, this is where I take all of my E-Waste and empty toner cartridges when its time to have them recycled.  Yup, the recycle empty toner cartridges too!

Stop in and tell them Erik sent you





















Guinie Went To The Dr

HAHA, Ok…so we had to take our bowling ball of a cat (Guinie) to the vet.  Several vets actually.  We must really love him because he was very $$$$.  This cat has the same maintenance cost of a Ferrari.  This cat is made out of gold!  Regardless, he’s getting better and that’s whats important.  He’s happy!








Local Kitchen Now Open In Downtown Old Torrance.

It’s so awesome to see new businesses open up in Torrance.  I can’t wait to try this place out.  Local Kitchen, who’ve taken over the old 1321 Tap Room location in Downtown Old Torrance hosts a traditional American Menu with a twist, local brews, and amazing cocktails.  Here are a couple of pics from their ribbon cutting yesterday with us (Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce).  Welcome Local Kitchen and Congrats!!


Well that wraps it up for this post.  I’ll post about printer toner and printing a little later on.  Actually, that reminds me, I was taking to a client earlier this week and she said a guy from a toner company called her and said that they had this compatible toner that printed 5 x more than any other toner.  My word of advice on this is just stay away.  There is no super toner cartridge.  That’s usually the lead in for a scam company.  The best way to see if a toner company is legit is to 1. Google them, 2. See if they have a functioning website, 3. Ask about their return policy, 4. If their toner pitch sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  You can always contact me anytime if something like this pops up.  I’ll give you  my honest take on them, both good or bad.  I just don’t like seeing companies and small businesses get burned.


Have a great rest of the week!