Lets face it, whether you’re a college student, a small business owner, or a large business owner one of the most ridiculous expenses is the cost to print.  Printer companies such as HP, Epson, Dell, etc love this.  They can sell you a printer for cheap and sell you the supplies for a cost that’s just astronomical.  Why?  Because they can and also because they  want you to feel that you have no choice but to. But you do.  Here are some tips that homeowners and business owners can use.  At some point, I’ll add a list of supplies that I trust and pricing you can reference for your own research, but for now here’s the advice I give to all the business owners I meet and work with.

How To Spend $0.00 On Printing (Seriously)

  1. STOP PRINTING!  Seems easy enough, right?  Those Map Quest (is that still around?) and Google Maps directions don’t need to be printed.  Use your smart phone apps instead.
  2. Use Google Drive to save and share documents – Need to share a spreadsheet or word document with a coworker and don’t want them at your desk?  Link them to your Google Drive and share your work that way.  What’s great is that you can look and work with these documents where ever you have internet and your laptop.  Starbucks anyone?
  3. Don’t bring any printed material to your meetings.  This one directly relates using your Google Drive or any of your Microsoft Office Suite programs.  Instead of bringing printed material take a laptop instead (goes for everyone in the meeting…unless there’s a monitor in the room that can be shared that you can connect to).  Fire up Google Hangouts and share you documents, power point presentation, and spreadsheets that way.

Cost Per Print Saving

  1. Do Not..I Repeat..DO NOT BUY AN INKJET PRINTER!  These are the biggest ripoffs out there.  They’re cheap I know.  The most popular ones such as the new HP 8700 Series and the Epson Workforce Series will bleed you dry.  Just check for yourself the cost of the printer vs. supplies.  And not only that, they’ll break before you know it.  STAY away from InkJets..PLEASE.
  2. Consider buying a laser printer.  I’ll include a link later to my favorites and best prices online later. But for now, look into Brother 2740 for home office and Brother 7860 for small businesses.  The supplies are relatively inexpensive and will last a long time.  Here are a couple of examples of some high quality TN450 compatibles.
  3. Consider using compatibles for all your laser printers.  There are some really good ones out there.  If you are a student or small business owner consider buying your toner off of Amazon. WHAT?!  Yes,  You can find some really good deals there but buyer beware.  I’ll link you to the best ones out there.  Again, stay away from InkJet printers, these are designed to take all your company’s money, your financial aid, etc.  Using a solid laser compatible will get the job done.
  4. Lastly, consider working with a reputable supplier of OEM and OEM Compatible printer toner such as myself.  Again, buyer beware and do your research.  Ask about their return and exchange policy and ask for professional references.  That will always weed out the toner sharks and shady sales people.  You should at the very least be getting exchanges to you OVERNIGHT with no cost to you.  Watch out for the bait and switch!

I really do hope this information helps.  I was a broke college student and now a small business owner so I understand the frustration.  If you’d like more information on how to cut costs, setup google drives, docs, etc. or need some advice on what to buy…even outside of my company, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or shoot me an email.  I’d love to assist.

Talk tomorrow!  I’ll be doing a post a day for a while….hopefully.