Hello All!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  I know we are.  Here’s whats been going on.

Ribbon Cutting:

Last Wednesday, We had our official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with the Torrance Chamber of Commerce.  We had an amazing turnout of friends, family, local elected officials, and business owners.  I cannot thank everyone enough for showing up to support us and our business.  I’m definitely honored to be able to showcase our small printer toner company as the best in the country.

When I first started this company,  I had no idea what I was doing (and still don’t).  I didn’t know which toner products were good, what the culture was like with other companies, or how to manage a group of salespeople. I just knew that I wanted to build something great, respectable, and unique.   I truly believe that we’re on the right track.  One thing is for certain, I couldn’t have come this far without the support of the City of Torrance.

Since then, I’ve created a culture completely different from the standard printer toner company.  I’ve sourced the best compatible toner cartridges on the market.  I’ve created the the best satisfaction guarantee and return policy that no other company can match. And on top of that, do what no other printer toner company h(from what I know), I personally come out and pickup empty toner cartridges to get them recycled.

I want every business that uses our services, whether small, medium, or large to know that we are not your standard printer toner company.  We live and die by our reputation, and we’re working very hard to build and support a great one.  We’re standing by.

Torrance Printer Toner Company

Have a great weekend,