2016.  What a year, right? In all honesty I had a lot of ups and downs with this business.  We had to “clean-up” a lot of the mistakes I had made throughout the first quarter that really put a damper on the business.  But, that’s the way it goes with a small business.  Things rarely go as planned and there will always be a tremendous amount of bumps in the road.  Losses and mistakes equal lessons learned and will only help us better understand how to service our customers and grow our business.  That being said, here’s whats on the horizon for 2017.

Instructional Videos

I’ll be releasing weekly videos on our YouTube Channel ranging from “How To Start A Printer Supply Business” , “How To Make Money Recycling Toner”, “How To Save Money On Printer Toner”, etc.  The goal here really is to educate.  I’ve found that the business community can benefit as a whole if everyone is on the same page in regards to our type of business and the supplies/services we provide.  Videos coming soon!

GSA Schedule 70 and 75

Here’s something that’s been on the list for many years.  It’s been incredibly difficult to get GSA certified do to a lot of red tape that’s locked out 100’s if not 1000’s of small businesses like mine.  We have so many awesome military and federal government customers that have been extremely understanding.  Getting GSA certified will only help us better serve our customers.  We’re hoping that we can finally get through around July 2017.







Empty Toner Recycling

We’ll continue to make sure businesses are able to recycle their empty toner properly.  There will be a few changes though.  I’ll now change from picking up empty toners myself to  dropping off/sending shipping supplies and/or sending a truck to pick up pallet loads.  We’ve gotten to the point to where it’s extremely hard to schedule the route and loads alone.  Hopefully by sending shipping material/postage/trucks we’ll insure that all of our customers are taken care of and that none slip through the cracks.  I’ll also be teaching companies how to make money themselves by recycling their empty toners.  The service will continue to be FREE.












Online Store

Our new online store is almost complete.  Here, businesses will be able to find the toners they need an place their orders online.  New and potential customers will be able to see exactly what we have to offer, which brands we carry, and negotiate pricing if needed.  We’ll still continue to strive to provide the best printer toners at reasonable prices.  Link coming soon!






I hope that everyone had a great holiday and of course, have a very Happy New Year!