Hope Everyone Is Well,

Sorry it’s been so long, but I do have a couple updates.

New Toner eCommerce Site

A lot of my customers have requested this.  I’ve created a new eCommerce site so if you’re not a business you can still buy from us.  What’s great is that you’ll also be getting the same OEM printer toners and OEM compatible printer toners that I personally recommend.

You can check it out here



New YouTube Channel

OK, so I’ve created a new YouTube Channel talking about printers, OEM printer toner, and OEM compatible printer toner.  I’m still pretty new to this camera thing, so apologies in advance because I’m definitely uncomfortable in front of the camera!  I do this the information will be good.  I’ll be giving my complete honest advice when it comes to what you should consider purchasing and what not to consider.  So if you’ve in a bind and cant decide where to buy OEM printer toner or OEM compatible printer toner I’ll let you know what will work best for you.  Not all compatibles are good….no matter what the brand.

Erik The Toner Guy

Have a great weekend!